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As our name suggests, we are brow obsessed. 

Brows have been in the spotlight more than ever recently, and for good reason. Well-groomed eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. 

All of our brow services are  performed by Brow Boutique's founder and Master Artist, Jess Hollingdrake 



The original hairstroke brows, these strokes closely mimic real brow hair and yield a very realistic and natural look. These brows generally last around 12-24 months.

Price: First Session - R1850 // Touch Up - R950



A powdery effect that is often used in conjunction with microblading. We can completely control how bold or dark you would like your microshading and do anything from a full bold "filled in" look or a natural shade for volume and density. Sometimes shading ontop of microblading is necessary to disguise any visible gaps or asymmetries with the brows. These brows generally last around 12-24 months.

Price: First Session - R2100 // Touch Up - R950

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-20 at 8.47.56 AM.jpeg

Jess's Signature Brows

These brows are the popular “Instagram Bold Brows” . The results are usually a more dramatic brow effect that resembles a makeup over microblading look. Signature brows are done with clean microblading strokes in the front and a darker ombre shade throughout the rest of the brow.

These brows generally last around 12-24 months.

Price: First Session - R2400 // Touch Up - R950


Powder Brows // Ombre Brows

Also known as machine brows, this is a modernised version of traditional permanent makeup brows. This technique is extremely popular among people with oily or sensitive skin or as cover up’s and corrections over old permanent makeup/ microblading. They are usually done in an ombre style (softer fronts to more solid tails). Powder Brows generally last 2 - 3 years.

Price: First Session - R2600 // Touch Up - R1150


Brow Sculpt & Tint

Get your eyebrows professionally mapped, shaped and tintedEyebrow mapping is a shaping technique that uses the golden ratio for facial proportions to help achieve symmetry and sculpt the most flattering shape for your brows. This service is finished off with a hand-shaping and Bronsun colour tinting. 

Price: R550


Brow Lamination & Bronsun Tint

Brow lamination, also called brow sculpt or brow lift, is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. Brow lamination was designed to give the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. This service includes a brow tint. 

Price: R500

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