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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (commonly known as SMP or micropigmentation) is a cosmetic tattoo that creates natural-looking hair follicles using microneedles and organic pigments. This gives the illusion of a completely full head of hair, closely shaved to a “buzz cut.” When this procedure is performed by a trained and experienced SMP practitioner, the results appear 100% natural. 

Our SMP procedures are performed by internationally-qualified specialist artist, Sheldon.

About SMP

SMP is not a cure for hair loss , but it is a highly effective cosmetic concealment. By implanting organic pigments into the scalp, the appearance of natural hair follicles is given. There are 4 main types of SMP performed at our studios. Full Head Treatments, Hairline Rejuvenation, Hair Density and Scar Camoflauging.

This procedure is performed under clinical conditions to create the appearance of thousands of tiny impressions. 


At least 3-4 cosmetic pigmentation sessions are required to achieve the desired effect. Each session lasts 2-5 hours depending on the surface of scalp to be covered.

Sessions need to be at least 10 days apart to let your skin heal from the procedure and have the pigments settle in.

Our SMP artist will work on the whole area to be covered during each session and will repeat the process during the following sessions until the result looks satisfying. The color will get gradually darker after each session while keeping a natural look.


We advise the first 2 sessions to be done within 2 weeks as the outcome of the first session will be quite light to mostly check how your skin assimilates the pigment so that the color shades can be refined during the subsequent SMP sessions.


You might notice some redness right after the treatment but it will disappear within a few hours.


Most clients undergo the procedure without any local anesthetics and feel some discomfort but no pain during the procedure. If you find it too painful, we will still be apply a numbing cream on your scalp to reduce the pain.

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Types Of Procedures

Hair Density Treatment

SMP is not a cure, but it is a highly effective cosmetic concealment. By implanting organic  pigments into the scalp, the appearance of natural hair follicles is given. The contrast between the scalp and hair is reduced, creating a wonderful illusion of a full head of hair.


This treatment can be done without shaving your head. That means you can still retain your long locks as we work on covering up the appearance of the bare scalp. Once the density work is done, you will find that your scalp is no longer as noticeable and your hair should do a good job of completing the natural look.

This treatment is available for men and women


Full Head Treatment

This service is for clients with hair loss on the norwood scale level 4 and upwards. This type of hair loss would require SMP to be done across multiple surface areas of the head including the hairline, crown and sides. 


With a full head treatment, we can create the appearance of a full head of shaved hair, complete with a fully restored natural looking hairline.

For this treatment, client's need to have their heads shaved to a zero gap. 


Hairline Rejuvenation

Men with a receding hairline often try to conceal it with a new hairstyle. If this doesn’t work, many resort to shaving their heads. Unfortunately a receding hairline is still visible even on a shaved head due to the obvious "shine" the scalp has when no hair is present.  


During a hairline rejuvenation treatment - a new hairline is drawn on prior to the procedure and approved by the client. There are 5 main types of hairlines to choose from and clients will be able to view all options and discuss their desired outcome prior to the SMP procedure. 

The new hairline is then created and blended back into any remaining hair the client has, resulting in a seamlessly blended look. 


Scar Camouflage

For surgical scar cases, it helps even out the appearance of hair follicles at the back of the head for anyone who prefers a shorter cut. For those that maintain longer hair, SMP provides density cover. This means the bareness of the scar is covered up, helping to conceal evidence that the person had any procedure done. The same effect is provided whether the person underwent FUT or FUE.

It is not just the scar area that will be worked on. The areas on either side will also have some SMP work done so that a blended natural look can be achieved.

Note that the FUT/FUE scar cover with SMP can only done at least 8-12 months after the surgery to ensure that the wounds are completely healed internally and externally.

The Norwood Scale



Will my SMP look fake? 
Scalp micropigmentation, when professionally done, never looks fake. On the contrary, a natural and realistic 3D effect can be achieved.
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