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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup (PMU) also called 'Micropigmentation' or 'Cosmetic Tattooing' , is a popular well-tolerated cosmetic treatment involving the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the epidermal layer of the skin, instantly improving appearance, facial definition and in most instances, has a long lasting effect.

Permanent makeup serves to enhance natural beauty and often is undetectable, so regular makeup can be worn over it for a more dramatic look. This makes it a great option for women who want a natural daily makeup look, but also appreciate the versatility of traditional, non-permanent makeup products.


Lash Enhancement Liner 

It's known as lash enhancement or invisible eyeliner, and it involves tattooing an ultra-thin black line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes—much like tightlining does—for a natural, eye-opening effect.

Price: First Session - R1800 // Touch Up - R900



Eyeliners can be done on either the top or bottom eyelid, or both together. This eyeliner is slightly thicker than the lash line and resembles more of a "makeup" look. 

Price: First Session - R2000 // Touch Up - R1000


Faux Freckles

Faux freckles consists of tattooing natural appearing freckles or beauty spots with a semi-permanent pigment. Delicate freckles are created in the first session & can be darkened to the client's preference in follow-up sessions. Choose between sparse or full freckles

Price: First Session -  R1100


Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a form of lip tattoo that closely resembles a lip tint, or lip gloss.  It is applied using a very fine single needle with minimal saturation. This procedure is popular for people that do not like a heavy lipstick look, but still want a tinted lip colour. The results are very natural.

Price: First Session - R2 800 // Touch Up - R1 400


Lipstick Look Lips

Lipstick lips is a fuller, more defined and saturated version of lip blushing. The effect is like having permanent lipstick, perfect for anyone who would like to have the permanent lipstick effect.

This technique is also great for concealing scars, asymmetries and redefining the lip line. 

Price: First Session - R3300 // Touch Up - R1650


Lip Neutralisation

Lip Neutralization / Lip Lightening treatment is a unique and gradual process that works to both even-out lip tone as well as brighten naturally darker lips. This procedure is aimed to neutralize or create an even-tone across both top and bottom lip for a consistent lip tone.

Price: Per Session - R3000 //  R2000 // R1500

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