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Hello & Welcome to Brow Boutique Academy



Brow Boutique was established as one of the first niche microblading specialists in South Africa back in 2016. We have a client base of over 7500 clients and close to 250 students and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality work with results and a reputation that speaks for itself.


Jess Hollingdrake, the owner and head trainer of Brow Boutique has honed her skills and technique over the last few years in the industry. Jess is a full member of PCASA as well as an affiliate member and corporate member of the SAAHSP (South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals) . Jess has completed muliple master’s training's in Advanced Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Colour Knowledge and Pigment Removal. She is a well known trainer as well as an international conference speaker on permanent cosmetics. 

Through her own experience, Jess has formulated various training programs based on practical, first hand knowledge of owning and operating an established and exclusive permanent makeup business. As a trainer - she strongly believes in affording her students the best possible foundation on which they can grow a valuable skill and excel in all aspects of their permanent cosmetic careers.


Our training courses include PDF pre-study manuals, glossy full-colour magazine style manuals, personalised kits (of your choice) all stationary and cosumables provided for (students are NEVER required to use their kit supplies in our classes) delicious lunch, snacks and refreshments from our student kitchen as well as one-on-one after class support at the end of each day should it be required. 


The Brow Boutique Studios are located inside an exclusive private estate where our property houses our studio space which comprises of a comfy waiting room, 2 en-suite treatment rooms and a private garden as well as a separate fully equipped 150 square meter dedicated training facility and additional studio space for students.  


Our courses have been developed with the utmost care to both practicality, longevity and budget. Therefore when planning a course through us you will have various available

kit options to choose from


Our kits are quality checked and expertly put together. The products in our kits, right down to the exact consumables, are the same products that Brow Boutique use in our own studio's. 

Alongside our kits, we have also produced in depth , full colour training manuals for our students that are used through your career as a point of reference.  Our training manuals are beautifully laid out, easy to comprehend and are invaluable to any microblading artist's education.


At Brow Boutique, we strongly believe that a positive, supportive and comfortable training environment

is imperative to our learner's success.


We have ensured that our academy is a safe,inclusive and

friendly space where students of all ages, colours and creeds can feel at home.


Our student's are required to complete case studies after their course in order to receive their full certification.


By implementing case studies into

our training, we are able to assist trainee's with their techniques, strengthen the communcation between trainee and trainer as well as ensure our students are producing beautiful quality work. 


We will never leave you stranded - we have a dedicated Whatsapp support group for all trainee's as well as regular refresher classes.

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Our Courses


South Africa's Most In-Depth Fundamental Microblading course.


Our students are not just taught

how to microblade, they are taught how to emulate Jess’s signature technique for natural looking brows.


Unlike other training academies, we offer an intense 5 day training course. We do not believe in shortcuts and our students are trained to meet every strict international standard. We only use the highest quality products in our own studios and do not differ in our training.

Our students have access to our support groups and regular refresher classes to ensure peace of mind and high quality professional and safe microblading



Full Fundamental Beginners 

Permanent Makeup Course

Fundamental Permanent Makeup

Beginner Course / 6 Days

Our Fundamental Permanent Makeup Course was designed with the complete beginner in mind.


During this course, students will learn everything they need to know to

confidently execute all 3 popular fields of cosmetic tattooing.

This course includes comprehensive theory, hand-on practice and live demonstrations of each technique. Students will be taught how to use a rotary machine ( PMU Device) for powder brows, eyeliner and lip blushing.



Focus courses are individual permanent makeup courses


Ombré Brow Focus—The ever popular powder brow, a technique that has taken the cosmetic tattoo industry by storm. 

 Lip Blush- The lip blush procedure is currently the one of the newest and most lucrative services you can offer in the beauty industry and growing at an exponential rate


Conversion Course - This course is designed to train advanced Microblading technicians in using a Rotary Machine to perform the Powder Brows Technique. 



Upgrade your skill set with our advanced one-on-one classes


SMP is an incredible technique for hiding hair loss for your clients. While this technique works for men and women, the service is booming in popularity for men.

Theory includes anatomy of the scalp, hair loss causes and types, medical applications, micropigmentation, color, technique, density, health and safety.

The practical component is 1 full day of latex skin practice learning various hairline styles and SMP techniques as well as 1 full day where students will perform hands-on supervised work with real models of varying hair loss types.



Li-FT® is the most effective saline lightening solution on the market.

Brow Boutique offers tattoo removal training to both permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists that are already machine/device trained as well as beginners training for microblading artists or beauty therapists with no previous tattoo experience.


Saline solution is a common, effective approach to lightening tattoos. However, it is a slower process than other treatments, this method is popular because it is much safer than other removal procedures. This service is done using the same traditional equipment (machine, needles, etc) used in the tattooing process. However, instead of pigment, this saline solution is implanted into the skin.



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" Jess Hollingdrake is an amazing teacher, my experience so far with my microblading training course has been an exciting and insightful time. Jess is extremely attentive and patient teacher, her knowledge from all her years microblading has eased me into gaining confidence in my training and in myself and I'm so grateful for the course. Thank you Jess xxx " 


- Jessica Cherry Fernandes

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" I attended training at Brow Boutique & I absolutely loved every minute of it!!!

I fully recommend it for anyone looking to gain as much information and skill as they possibly can!

Thank you Jess & Brow Boutique team! You ladies are amazing" 



- Kieren-lee Schunke

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"My very first set of microbladed brows. Done and dusted. 

It was such an amazing experience to work with @browboutiquesouthafrica and the team. Jess is such a patient, kind and caring person. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer! May this be the first set of beautiful brows to come!"


- Shimone Morton

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"Hi Jess, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity for training through you it was a great experience I have learned so much.

You are an outstanding trainer and our kits are so pretty. I can't wait to start my career knowing I trained through the best <3

-Christine Von Molendorff


The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, as everyone is searching for a way to stay young and look young forever. The beauty industry is projected to be an $805 Billion industry by 2023. That means now is the best time to look for a career in the beauty industry. But where to start? Some beauty jobs require years of schooling and with little income at the end of it all.


So what is the perfect job career for you to get in the beauty industry? Permanent Cosmetics ! There are so many different options of training and procedures when it comes to permanent cosmetics and you can receive enough knowledge, training, and certifications in only a few months to get you started on your own. 


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