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Mast Magi - Rose Gold

Mast Magi - Rose Gold

R5 800,00Price

Mast Magi Rotary Pen Machine

Design for both permanent makeup and tattoos Core components Mini Customized Motor 12V/12000Rpm high speed motor supply stable operation 2-3MM needle stroke special for permanent makeup. Eyebrows, lips, scalp, small tattoos, and more Innovative driving principle.

More quiet sound and more stable operation, just like drawing with a pen Slim body design


The machine weighs only 91 grams. The diameter is 20 mm, easy to hold.


Internal spiral needle length mechanism. More scientific design, when adjusting the length of the needle, the position of the needle will not change, the length of the machine will not change, more convenient to use.


Suitable for the universal(Cheyenne type) Cartridges on the market, more applicable brands, more choices, will not change your usage habits.


RCA power interface, strong universal, high interface durability


Weight: 91g
Machine Diameter: 20mm
Machine Length: 120mm
Speed: 10V/10000Rpm
Stroke: 2mm/3mm disk

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